Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Morning with Sarah Mackenzie and Julie Bogart

You know what they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I had a goal to update my blog at least once a week and keep it updated so that I could acquire a readership and in time, free books to review. Well, obviously that hasn't panned out but today is a new day and here I am. As a home-school mom I'm always looking for inspiration from various mentors and the posts I found today are worth sharing. Please relax with a cup of coffee, tea, soda, etc. and enjoy this journey that I was blessed to find this morning.

Love and Hugs,


The Read Aloud Revival is a favorite podcast of mine. Sarah's daughter's laugh is infectious. The interview is informative and entertaining in of itself but that laugh just pushes it over the top. I could sit here and listen to it all day. Also, because of this there are several more books on my home-school wishlist. Shhh... Don't tell Paul. ;) RAR #56: What's at Stake and Why Stories Matter, Jonathan Auxier.

I have really enjoyed reading through A Gracious Space every morning with Julie Bogart this Fall. She has an open, loving attitude that not only teaches me how to step out of my comfort zone in my home-school but also reaffirms that the relaxed, go with the flow atmosphere that I feel most comfortable with is just fine for our family. The readings are helpful in of themselves but the content she adds after her readings is usually what hits me the hardest in this series. Every time I watch one of these Facebook Live broadcasts I'm eager to hop in my car, drive to her, and soak up more wisdom. I hope that she can reach your heart like she's captured mine. Day 41 A Gracious Space Fall "Once They Catch On, Look Out"

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